Bestway Bedding is St. Catharines' only mattress factory. We have been manufacturing quality mattresses for over 28 years right in the back of our showroom! That means you get the best deal for less. When you step into our showroom, you will be amazed at what you see! With a wide range of mattresses from coil, memory foam, latex rubber and even our all natural green mattress! We also carry a complete line of accessories including pillow protectors and mattress pads. We have created our own top brands for your bedroom needs. Come see the experts at Bestway Bedding where The Dreaming is Eeeeazy.

Memory Foam
Uniquely formulated open cell dissipates heat. Quick response for maximum support.
Soy based foams combined with organic cottons, aloe-vera, joma wool, & bamboo provide an all natural comfort.
Custom Mattress
Whether it is for an RV, boat, yacht camper, antique bed, special/custom size round bed or heart shaped we can make it fit.
Traditional coils springs like bonel, continuous, verti coils provide strength and durability and come in a range of coil counts.
Latex Rubber
The open cell structure provides durability, enhanced ventilation and breathability. It's hypoallergenic and anti dust mite.
Adjustable Beds
Allows you to elevate or lower your head or feet. Optional vibrating or rolling massage to relax muscles and help circulation.